High pressure oil seals
Special Oil Seals
Oil film bearings
Textile rubber oil seals
Grease Sealing
V-Rings and BBS Bearing Seals

ATS Special Oil Seals S.r.l. is a Company from Nova Milanese (MB) started in 1983. From the very beginning, ATS focused its operations to the production of special rotary shaft oil seals with large diameters for the heavy duty industry. The agreement taken during the ‘90s with the Company F.lli Paris S.r.l., founded in 1979 by the family Paris, allowed ATS to extend its presence in the international market. After the definitive merging with F.lli Paris S.r.l. in 2012 ATS consolidated the global worldwide presence and recognition of its brand for large sizes special oil seals in the heavy duty industry. ATS seals are largely used in steel mills, paper mills, wind mills, naval industry, and in any general industry where such top-end large size seals are needed. At the present ATS S.r.l. is one of the worldwide production leaders for these kind of seals.

The team-up between F.lli Paris and ATS provides a great production capacity for industrial components in rubber and rubber-to-metal starting from the technical design and construction of the moulds and any additional tool, to the preparation of the final customized product.

Special Oil Seals division

  • 10.000 m2 total area
  • 8.000 m2 covered area
  • 43 employees
  • Technical offices
  • Production and preparation
  • Laboratory
  • Shipping
  • Tooling shop

ATS produces: high pressure oil seals, special oil seals, textile rubber oil seals, grease sealing, V-Rings, BBS Big Bearing Seals, oil film bearings, large diameter oil seals, large size oil seals.